The Curse of Spring Test

12:00 / Track 2 / RU / Введение в технологию / Go to presentation.

Nowadays a rare Java developer hasn’t tried Spring Boot yet. Everyone wants to have the latest and greatest tools. We used to write Spring apps, now we write Spring Boot ones. We used to test Spring apps, now… well, you know.

The simpler a tool is, the more magic is happening under the hood. Spring Boot is no exception. But few people think about what exactly happens when we use common tools that are covered in the Spring Test documentation.

Let’s examine the details of the pitfalls waiting for us here and there. In order to do that, we’ll test a “typical” app and ask ourselves the question that should be asked by any developer using Spring and integrating Spring Boot.

Kirill Tolkachev

Kirill Tolkachev

Kirill is a Developer in Alpha-Laboratory. He develops different banking API's, forms principles and tools related to microservice architecture. He is a fan of Groovy, Gradle, Spring and Netflix technologies stack. Kirill is a resident of famous Russian IT-podcast “Razbor Poletov”. He knows DevOps methodology like the palm of the hand and has two years' experience of its production usage.